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Just finished writing a survey on some of relatively current literature on k-means, focusing on introducing it, some practical applications of it, some difficulties in it, and how to find k, the number of clusters. I'm still new to the area, so don't expect much groundbreaking to be done.

The second half focuses on my own experiment, trying to find k using two similar, but slightly different techniques. I failed, but if you'd like to go over it and either laugh at me, or perhaps figure out what I've done wrong, you are free to. =)

Obviously, this isn't going to interest many people, so I didn't take time to mark it up - it's just available as a DOC (I had planned on having a PDF version, but my PDF writer has taken a crap on me). If you don't have Word or Open Office, and would like to read it, contact me and I'll try to get the PDF for you in some way or another.

Anyway, the DOC is here if you want to read it. It's over 3600 words, so beware!

I'm interested to know if anyone has built any machine learning libraries or done anything with machine learning in Coldfusion? My immediate thought is "no way!" because I don't think Coldfusion has the performance for it. But, I wouldn't know, since I haven't tried it. Have you? What's been your experience? Drop me a line if you care to.

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