My Secret Life as a Spaghetti Coder
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Chad summed this up for me so well in one paragraph of My Job Went To India that I'm just going to let him say it:
Looking back on it, I realize how foolish we were. We worked for a business and our job was to contribute to either making or saving money for that business. Yet we didn't understand the basics of how the business came to profitability. Worse, we didn't think it was our job to know. We were programmers and system administrators. We thought our jobs were strictly about those topics that we had devoted ourselves to. However, how were we supposed to creatively help the business be profitable if we didn't even understand how the business worked?
To combat this, I took a business course that helped me understand competitive advantage, among other things. Also, in the "Act on it!" section of the chapter, Chad mentions a book, The Ten-Day MBA 3rd Ed.: A Step-By-Step Guide To Mastering The Skills Taught In America's Top Business Schools. I've just gone to Amazon to buy it myself.

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