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Because I've got too much to do this morning and an old partner in crime sent an art pack from September of 1996 to me yesterday, I'll share some of my old art with you today.

I was in a couple of art groups, but I never really left the 713 (and later 713/281, and then 713/281/832) scene: MAD, PEZ, Jive are the ones I remember. My handle was deathrai (and I often tagged pics with "d" or "d!"). There are others with my name nowadays, but there was only one of me then. Anyway, here's some of my art. I hope you enjoy it. You can click the images to see the full-size version.

This was a flyer for AnsiCon, which we held at Woodlands Mall a couple of times. We also had a PezCon at Willowbrook one year. It seems mall security was always involved in those things. I once wrote a skapunk song about it called "Misplaced Priorities."

Here we have a menu for a board called Nitrous Oxide. I don't remember who the sysOp was:

I had a Save the Sheep foundation, and promoted it in a couple of bigger pictures. This one was for a board called Pandora, whose logo was cut off at the bottom:

We have here a skinhead that was done for another BBS called Shadows of Darkness:

Sometimes the SkinHeads Against Racism and Prejudice would come to our punkrock shows and start fights with antidisestablishmentarism punks. I normally got along with them though. Once, when I was stuck in the mud in some guy's yard, a group of them brought their truck and tried to pull us out. They ended up getting stuck too.

I've also been paying attention to Sixteen Colors since the same friend who sent me the pictures above pointed me to it a little while back. To prove to you how k-rad 31173 l338 (I was more than 1337) I was, you can see I was greeted in the AvengeView documentation in the same paragraph as RaD Man.

When I first went there, I couldn't find any of my art even though I did find myself in a lot of greetz. But when I went back today, I did find some. Looks like someone uploaded a few art packs from MAD. A couple of pictures I couldn't find through the Sixteen Colors search, but they did come up through Google. If you can't tell, I rather liked drawing cartoons. Here's an alien with his hand down his pants:

You might think his hand is down his pants because I was trying to be funny (I was 15 - juvenile humor is funny at that age.) But it wasn't that I was trying to be funny, so much as I thought a two-hook-hand alien would be less believable than a one-hook-hand alien. And since I couldn't draw hands very well (still can't), I hid the other one in his pants.

This one is my favorite on Sixteen Colors, found through Google:

Were you ever in the art scene? Who were you? Got any art to share?

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Ansi will neva die!

Posted by mos effed on Feb 28, 2010 at 12:33 AM UTC - 5 hrs

stop by and say hi... g-man , , myself and more already.

just randomly found you on google via "713 ansi"

Posted by sox on Sep 16, 2013 at 01:31 AM UTC - 5 hrs

Hey, I was in MAD in 1995 - cube. I was digging online for my old ANSI art since my 386 hard drive died about a decade ago. I thought all that stuff was lost but Sixteen Colors had it!

Posted by josh f. on Feb 23, 2014 at 10:36 AM UTC - 5 hrs

Good to hear! I was glad to find mine there, but there were a couple I remembered wanting to see which weren't in the collection.

Posted by Sammy Larbi on Feb 23, 2014 at 10:47 AM UTC - 5 hrs

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