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I've been working on a couple of .NET projects lately. Maybe you could tell from a couple of my whinings (I won't call them rants), but I'm not entirely sure of what I'm doing yet.

I'm finding that I'm working against the platform. .NET and I are butting heads, and although I'm getting work done, I can't imagine it is really as hard or time-consuming as my initial experience has been.

Pain pills Some of this is due to the extra ceremony .NET adds as a tax on you and your development time. Most of it's due to my ignorance. I've been honest about that: my ignorance of the overall strategies and thought-processes present in .NET takes full credit for most of my pain.

I've known for a while that I need to read something to "get in the know," and I've been putting it off until I had time. Thanks to a conversation with another developer (who shall remain nameless, unless he tells me he wants credit) this morning, I've decided now is the time.

I'm looking for books that give a strategic overview of .NET. I'm looking for ASP.NET and Windows programming (Windows Forms) to start with. I'd also like to see some strategy guides for Active Directory and Sharepoint. Seeing as I'm sore from fighting so much, a guide for pain-free coding in .NET might also be in order. (I'm going to buy that book since I know the author is a good one.)

I can easily do a search on Amazon for .NET books. O'Reilly has a ton of them. But I don't know what's good or bad or how to tell the difference. Further, except for one person (who shall also remain nameless) I sent an email to this morning, I don't know who to ask.

Well, that's not entirely true. I know there's a crowd of good developers with diverse experiences reading this weblog. So I'm asking you:

What is TFM on .NET? Any suggestions welcome. Short reviews of why it's a good book (or article online) get bonus points.

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